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My Dad’s 80s LA punk band The Defenders

14 Jun

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Los Angeles, CA – 1980-1985 – New Wave/Punk

I was a little boy in LA and my dad and his band would drink green bottles of pop-top Grolsch and practice in the living room of our little house. I remember plugging my ears to shield them from the loud and fast music.

Dave the drummer played with tight, closed hi-hats. My dad Paul was the goofy lead singer and made exaggerated facial expressions as he theatrically belted out their lyrics. The bassist Kenny had a cool leather jacket and a black Beatle bass. The guitarist Lawson bent his strings up into blue-notes and had a powerful scent on his clothing that I would later recognize as a teenager – marijuana. It sounded like rock and roll and I loved it. –Justin Maurer, son of Lead Singer Paul Maurer. 

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