Clorox Girls in Umea, Sweden, 2007 (photo by Mateus Mondini)

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When I was about 10 years old, my uncle John showed my sister and me how to play a couple chords on the guitar. After mastering those few chords, I taught myself the rest. My parents divorced in a violently traumatic way and we moved from Los Angeles to the Pacific Northwest with my mom. When I discovered punk rock, a new door opened to me. It was a perfect outlet for my frustration and anger. Putting on headphones or going to a punk show was an escape from my dysfunctional family and all of the problems we were facing. On both of my parents’ sides of the family is a turbulent history of alcoholism, drug addiction and sexual abuse.  I felt alone, but through music I found a new family. By 13 I had started my own punk band. We embarked on our first tour two years later.  Our heroes were Black Flag, Minor Threat, Buzzcocks and a bunch of local bands like The Rickets, PUD, The Cleavers, The Unabombers and The Displacements.  We put on our own shows at the local Teen Center and in garages and living rooms.  My first vinyl 7″ record came out in 1998 and since then, I haven’t looked back.

My “main squeeze” was Clorox Girls. From 2003-present we’ve released 3 albums on LP/CD, ten 7″ singles, one cassette, and 1 CD discography. In our “prime” we toured 10 months out of the year and lived in our van.  We frequently toured Europe, Canada, and the U.S., and were fortunate enough to tour Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.

In the last few years, while spending time living in Europe, I enjoyed playing in side projects  Red Dons, Mano De Mono, , Suspect Parts and Role Models.  My most recent musical project is LA Drugz which is a 70s punk/60s pop band with some great harmonies.  Our influences are the music we love, but namely The Nerves, Buzzcocks, The Kids,  Stones, Small Faces, Love, Seeds, Lollipop Shoppe, and the Zombies.  I was also convinced to join up with a couple of nogoodniks in the L.A. punk/glam band Maniac.

Here’s a very selective discography listed below; all of the records, mostly vinyl, a few CD’s, a couple of cassettes.  Most of this stuff is out of print although plenty is still available. If you want to buy any of these records, or to see the comprehensive list of my complete musical discography, check out my page on Discogs


L.A. DRUGZ (Los Angeles, CA)

L.A. Drugz 12″ EP (Hovercraft Records, 2013)


Listen to LA Drugz

MANIAC (Los Angeles, CA)


“Dim Sum” 7″ (La Ti Da Records, Canada, 2013)


Listen to Maniac

Clorox Girls, Jonny Cat Lair, Portland, OR 2006 (Photo by Jonny Cat)


(Portland, OR/Los Angeles, CA)

LISTEN: Sound Cloud


“Clorox Girls” LP/CD (SmartGuy Records, USA) – 2004

“This Dimension” LP/CD (SmartGuy Records, USA) – 2005

“Toda Discografia” CD (Patche Costas, Brazil) – 2006

“J’aime Les Filles” LP/CD (BYO Records, USA) – 2007

“Demos, Rarities, & Early 7’s” Cassette (Burger Records, USA) – 2010


“Baby” 7″ (17 Television/Jonny Cat Records, USA) – 2003

“This Dimension” 7″ (Jonny Cat Records, USA) – 2004

“Novacain” 7″ (Bachelor Records, Austria) -2005

“Eva Braun” 7″ (Burning Sensation Records, Netherlands) -2005

“Von Grapa” Split 7″ (Holy Cobra Society, Spain) – 2005

“Double Mao” 7″ (Bachelor Records, Austria) -2006

“Kissin Cousins” Split 7″ (Beat Generation, Carnus Records, Spain) – 2006

“All I Wanna Do” 7″ (Discos Subterraneos, Spain) – 2006

“Boys/Girls” 7″ (Prugel Prinz Records, Germany) – 2006

“Genocide/Bad Girls” 7″ (17 TV, 45 RPM, Hovercraft Records, USA/Taken By Surprise Records, Germany) – 2011

Suspect Parts in Leeds, England 2009 (Photo by Anna Powell)


(London, UK/Berlin, Germany)

Listen to Suspect Parts

“Suspect Parts” 7″ (17 Television, USA, Deranged Records, Canada) – 2008

“City Burning” 7″ (No Front Teeth Records, UK) – 2009

“Maneater” 7″ (Hovercraft Records, USA/Taken By Surprise Records, Germany) – 2009

“Change Your Mind” 7″ (House Party Records, Canada) – 2009

“Suspect Parts” Cassette (Ggnzla Records, USA) – 2010


(Portland, OR)

Listen to Red Dons

Red Dons, London, England 2007 (Photo by Mateus Mondini)

“Escaping Amman” 7″ (Deranged Records, Canada) – 2007

“Death To Idealism” LP/CD (Deranged Records, Canada) – 2007


(Madrid, Spain)

Listen to Mano De Mono

“Mano De Mono” 7″ (Discos Humeantes, Spain) – 2008


(London, UK)

Listen to Role Models

Role Models, Soho, London 2010

Role Models 12″ EP, 2011, Taken By Surprise Records (Germany)


(San Francisco, CA)

“Deadly Weapons” 7″ (Lipstick Records, USA) – 2003


“You’re So Selfish” 7″ (Rapid Pulse Records, USA) – 2003

“Get Right In There” LP/CD (Jonny Cat Records, USA) – 2004

“The Husbands” split 7″ – 2004 (Not A Problem Records, USA) – 2004


(Bainbridge Island, WA)

Maurice’s Little Bastards, Aberdeen, WA 1998 (Photo by Dan Halligan)

“Rampage” MLB/The Shutups Split 7″ – 1998 (Mo Cheeks Revolutions/Freetime Records)


“Greatest Hits” CD – 1999

“Rampage” –On Ten Things Jesus Wants You To Know magazine’s Northwest Punk Compilation #2 – USA – 2000

“Rock & Roll Will Never Diet Soda” Split CD – 2000

Los Sanguis (Justin Maurer & Cezar Mora) – May 2012

“Lagrimas de Maria” (AKA “Chinga tu madre”)


3 Responses to “Music”

  1. Shawn Stucker June 28, 2014 at 4:55 am #

    You are in infringement of my dead dads band so fucking stop calling you pussys deadly weapon or i will sue you for everything your gay little band has cuz you are so oooo fucking gay you think you scream in your music your tough but you ain’t shit ._._._._change your name fags!!!!!!!!

    • justinmaurer August 27, 2014 at 11:42 pm #

      Hiya Shawn. Deadly Weapons broke up 10 years ago so you don’t have to worry. Do you have a link to your Dad’s music? Did he release any records?

  2. Shawn Stucker June 28, 2014 at 4:57 am #

    80s mutha fuckers drop dead with your wanna be slayer sound

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