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Clorox Girls merch!

16 Jan

Hello Friends!

We have some Clorox Girls merch left from our NW shows if anyone is interested.  Sold out of the Double Mao 7″s and maybe Novacaine too, but everything else we have a little extra of.  Please send me a message if you’re interested.  The super-rare Burger Records cassette, Defenders 7″ (my Dad’s L.A. punk band from 1982), Clorox Girls “Genocide/Bad Girls” 7″, super crust/pop group Suspect Parts 7″ and cool screenprinted t-shirts designed by Brazilian fashion icon Mateus Mondini are highlights for sure!  For $25 we’ll send you a grabbag with a little of everything (shirt, tape, 7″).



(L to R) Suspect Parts "Man Eater" 7", Clorox Girls "Genocide/Bad Girls 7", Clorox Girls "Jealous Again" T-shirt (S, M, L), Defenders 7", & Clorox Girls "Demos, Rarities, & Early 7"s" Burger Records Cassette

(L to R) Suspect Parts “Man Eater” 7″, Clorox Girls “Genocide/Bad Girls 7”, Clorox Girls “Jealous Again” T-shirt (S, M, L), Defenders 7″, & Clorox Girls “Demos, Rarities, & Early 7″s” Burger Records Cassette


Back in L.A. Thank you Northwest!

14 Jan

Back at work on Monday. My entire body aches cause I think Conor Kiley broke my knee sometime Saturday night in Seattle. It might have been Andy Crane though while listening to The Rickets LP drinking “Crane’s Wish”, his homemade Bainbridge Island apple hard cider. Thanks to everyone who came to the readings and shows in Portland and Seattle. Colin Sanders lost his phone and Clayton Silva lost some weight and I lost my 2009 Hyundai Accent and the Seahawks lost too, but besides that Clorox Girls and “Seventeen Television” readings went off fabulously. I sold out of books in Seattle but if you would like one, please email me, I’ll make another run of books this week. Also let us know if you want a Clorox Girls t-shirt, cassette, or 7″ or Defenders 7″.. we have a few copies left. Thanks to Christopher Michael, Tim & Mark Janchar, Doug at Slabtown Portland, Cometta Vern and Beau Slipitin Saperstein plus all of the people and bands. Love you guys. XO

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Portland and Seattle Shows & Readings!

3 Jan

Hello Pacific Northwestern Brethren!

I will be headed straight into your rain and sleet and snow TODAY!   The reason for my presence is a couple readings of some stories from my new book “Seventeen Television” and Clorox Girls (Silva, Sanders, Maurer) will be performing 3 shows in 2 cities. It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll…. Clorox will be sellin lots ‘o merch!  Including rare Euro 7″s, the Burger Cassette (Early 7″s, Demos, Rarities), T-Shirts (Clorox Jealous again design by Mondini), and other 7″s (possibly even Defenders 7″s) plus copies of my book, so bring some extra skrills.  Below is all of the info.  Can’t wait to see  ya!





jusin flyer