Seventeen Television is the second book of stories by musician and rabble rouser, Justin Maurer. These mostly true stories ebb, flow and burn through heart breaking and illuminating moments in his life. Seven humor-filled tales delve into family crisis, dead-end jobs and international exploits. Through these lucid stories and their incendiary cast of characters, we follow him into equally dangerous and touching territory.

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Praise for Seventeen Television

“Justin Maurer’s stories are filled with humor, horror and human insight. A strong new voice.”

  • Dan Fante, author of Chump ChangeMooch, Short Dog, and Spitting Off Tall Buildings

Seventeen Television is full of clean and pure sentences written by an unclean and impure man. You can laugh and feel joy reading these stories. Go ahead. It’s okay.”

– Scott McClanahan, author of Stories V, Hill William and Crapalachia

“Justin Maurer’s Seventeen Television is filled with profound and high-octane moments written with a heart-on-his-sleeve sincerity.”

  • Chloe Caldwell, author of Legs Get Led Astray

Don’t Take Your Life is the first book of true stories by Portland, Oregon musician and rabble rouser, Justin Maurer.  These gritty and lucid memoirs burn brightly on the page as Justin presents his eccentric father, his deaf mother, his freewheeling siblings, and a vibrant cast of co-stars. Divided into two parts, the book shifts from resonant childhood dramas to Justin’s adventures as a wide-eyed traveler. Highlights include Justin’s father explaining sex, Justin huffing gasoline as a teenager, a botched attempt at losing his virginity, pining for a Canadian beauty, getting drugged in Istanbul, and passing out in a black lesbian club in Manhattan.

Praise for Don’t Take Your Life

Justin Maurer has a real gift for storytelling…an expertly conversational feel.”

    • The Portland Mercury

Stuff like Justin’s turning up once every few blue moons is like a little reassuring pat on the back that says there are actually people out there who can still write great short fiction.”

– Vice UK

Justin Maurer is as charmed as he is charming. Don’t Take Your Life is about walking into any worldwide situation without fear or guile. From being homeless in a van to getting drugged in a Turkish rug shop, you’re always rooting for Justin to come out on top”

    • Todd Taylor, author of Born to Rock and Shirley Wins

Justin’s first book is just as power-packed as the first two Clorox Girls LPs. The book even seems to spin at 45 RPM. Like the music, his life is a ratty Gibson turned up all the way, pickups falling out, rusting strings, duct tape and all – but he keeps it all on track somehow. His cheerfully energetic life makes for great reading.”

    • Kurt Bloch, Fastbacks, Sgt. Major

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