MANIAC “City Lights” Music Video May 2018

Justin Maurer, ASL Interpreting for Nyle Dimarco on Entertainment Tonight’s “The Daily Denny” April 2018

SUSPECT PARTS “Live Over There” Music Video Dec. 2017

SUSPECT PARTS “Run For Your Life” Music Video Sept. 2017

Justin Maurer, “Sign Language Consultant” on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Comedy Bit) Dec 2013:

Justin Maurer, producer, LA Drugz “Outside Place” Feb 2013:

Justin Maurer, starring in a dental supply infomercial, June 2012:

Justin Maurer, reading “Mexico City,” from his book “Seventeen Television” at Down N Sound Lit Fest I, Los Angeles @ Last Bookstore May 2012:

Justin Maurer, Producer:

Images “Frustration” – Apr. 2011

Justin Maurer, Producer:

Miss Chain & The Broken Heels “Flamingo” – Nov. 2010

Justin Maurer, Producer:

Welcome Home Walker “Suds” – Sept. 2010

Justin Maurer, co-starring in a dental supply infomercial, April 2010:

Justin Maurer, guest vocals for Holy Ghost Revival, performing at the Astoria, London Nov. 2008

Clorox Girls Videos:

Clorox Girls “Euro tour” – Dec. 2009

Clorox Girls “Stepping Stone” – Dec. 2009

Clorox Girls “Me Every Day” – Dec. 2009

Clorox Girls “Mexico City” – Aug. 2006

Clorox Girls “Don’t Take Your Life” – Mar. 2006

Los Sanguis (Justin Maurer & Cezar Mora) – May 2012

“Lagrimas de Maria” (AKA “Chinga tu madre”)


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