Justin Maurer, “Sign Language Consultant” on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Comedy Bit) Dec 2013:

Justin Maurer, producer, LA Drugz “Outside Place” Feb 2013:

Justin Maurer, starring in a dental supply infomercial, June 2012:

Justin Maurer, reading “Mexico City,” from his book “Seventeen Television” at Down N Sound Lit Fest I, Los Angeles @ Last Bookstore May 2012:

Justin Maurer, Producer:

Images “Frustration” – Apr. 2011

Justin Maurer, Producer:

Miss Chain & The Broken Heels “Flamingo” – Nov. 2010

Justin Maurer, Producer:

Welcome Home Walker “Suds” – Sept. 2010

Justin Maurer, co-starring in a dental supply infomercial, April 2010:

Justin Maurer, guest vocals for Holy Ghost Revival, performing at the Astoria, London Nov. 2008

Clorox Girls Videos:

Clorox Girls “Euro tour” – Dec. 2009

Clorox Girls “Stepping Stone” – Dec. 2009

Clorox Girls “Me Every Day” – Dec. 2009

Clorox Girls “Mexico City” – Aug. 2006

Clorox Girls “Don’t Take Your Life” – Mar. 2006

Los Sanguis (Justin Maurer & Cezar Mora) – May 2012

“Lagrimas de Maria” (AKA “Chinga tu madre”)


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