Clorox Girls merch!

16 Jan

Hello Friends!

We have some Clorox Girls merch left from our NW shows if anyone is interested.  Sold out of the Double Mao 7″s and maybe Novacaine too, but everything else we have a little extra of.  Please send me a message if you’re interested.  The super-rare Burger Records cassette, Defenders 7″ (my Dad’s L.A. punk band from 1982), Clorox Girls “Genocide/Bad Girls” 7″, super crust/pop group Suspect Parts 7″ and cool screenprinted t-shirts designed by Brazilian fashion icon Mateus Mondini are highlights for sure!  For $25 we’ll send you a grabbag with a little of everything (shirt, tape, 7″).



(L to R) Suspect Parts "Man Eater" 7", Clorox Girls "Genocide/Bad Girls 7", Clorox Girls "Jealous Again" T-shirt (S, M, L), Defenders 7", & Clorox Girls "Demos, Rarities, & Early 7"s" Burger Records Cassette

(L to R) Suspect Parts “Man Eater” 7″, Clorox Girls “Genocide/Bad Girls 7”, Clorox Girls “Jealous Again” T-shirt (S, M, L), Defenders 7″, & Clorox Girls “Demos, Rarities, & Early 7″s” Burger Records Cassette


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