29 Nov

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my new website. Self promotion is a tricky business these days, but unfortunately a necessary evil. Growing up as a punk rocker I could never imagine the world would come to this, but I guess this is just like a more in-depth button or a bumper sticker or a t-shirt. My name is Justin Maurer and this is my website. This is where I am compiling my music and writing. I would greatly appreciate your comments or feedback. Generally I am a kind and empathetic person. Lately I’ve become a bit of a curmudgeon, but get a few drinks in me and I will awaken. I love my girlfriend and dog, my family and friends. I speak/sign a few languages. I am observant. I want to drink in the world, but often my great thirst is parched due to financial burdens. Here is my music and writing. I hope you enjoy.

Yours truly,

Justin Maurer


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