19 Mar


Hello Atlanta Friends,

Georgia Peaches!  Folks living on Peachtree Street or Peachtree Lane or Peachtree Court…You will soon have me breathing your spring air!  I’m bringing copies of my new book “Seventeen Television” to Hotlanta!  Please join me on Fri. March 22nd at Beep Beep Gallery.  The event is the Solar Anus reading series which is run by excellent ATL writers Jamie Iredell, Blake Butler and Amy McDaniel .

Joining me will be authors Michael Tod Edgerton, and Andy Frazee.

Beep Beep Gallery, 7:30pm. 696 Charles Allen Dr NE  Atlanta, GA 30308.  Friday March 22nd, 2013!

Solar Anus Reading Series FB

Jamie Iredell

Blake Butler

Amy McDaniel

Hope to see you there!  I haven’t been to Atlanta in years so if any of you have suggestions for soul food places, diners, dive bars, record stores, book stores or night time activities, please email me your ideas!  I’m in town for a couple nights and staying near the convention center.

See y’all soon,




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