Falling On Deaf Eyes

10 Mar
Justin Maurer headshot 2 photo by Imke Wagener

photo by Imke Wagener

My name is Justin Maurer and I want to invite you to join us in mounting the debut production of Falling on Deaf Eyes, an autobiographical play I’ve written about my family and a very pivotal and formative period in my early life.
Please donate here to help this happen!


When my parents divorced in 1992, my deaf mother, Sherry, suddenly found herself overcoming extraordinary personal challenges as a newly-single parent raising a family of three hearing youngsters in a small provincial town. Each of us – my mom, my sister Jenny, my younger brother Jamie, and I – were forced to find ways to cope with new circumstances in unfamiliar surroundings. This is our story.
deaf eyes
Sometimes harrowing, often funny, but always compassionate in its depiction of a family in transition, Falling on Deaf Eyes is a unique, one-of-a-kind show and an inspirational and universal portrayal of human courage and survival.
Falling on Deaf Eyes is an exciting multi-media theatrical experience incorporating rock n roll, sign language, storytelling, and theatrical visuals, with a team of sign language interpreters for every performance to ensure access to the deaf and hard of hearing. While hugely entertaining and accessible to families, music fans, the literary community, and beyond, Falling on Deaf Eyes will also educate and inform the general public about American Sign Language and some of the daily issues facing the deaf and hard of hearing community.
With the talent we’ve assembled, Falling on Deaf Eyes promises to be a remarkable and timely production. Now we need additional funding to make it happen! Please help us make it a reality.  Thank you!
Please donate here

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